2017 – Granada, Nicaragua

In January of 2017 we traveled to Granada, Nicaragua to build a classroom in one of the local neighbourhoods. Nicaragua is a developing country and the key to their prosperity is providing education at the elementary level. We partnered with Esperanza Granada to select the work site and have a team of local workers to assist with the actual construction. At the completion of the week, we had a fully functional classroom ready for 30 students of the community as well as a commitment that the supplies, teachers and other requirements would be provided to those students for a full 6 years — to completion of their elementary grades. This was another life-changing and rewarding experience for our team.

This was day one of the construction, with the site yet to be cleared and lots of work ahead…
Taken from the same angle, this is the finished result. A classroom with roof, windows, floors, and painted. Not bad for a week!


Some photos from our trip

Lots of work ahead to clean up the site and get it ready for construction… not to mention lots of cinder blocks to move, concrete to mix, and rebar posts to make…


Midweek, starting to look like a building. The construction methods we used were simple but effective for the area. No heavy equipment here, just manual labour!

Not all the work was heavy labour, but there’s no escaping the sun. But a little music and a lot of hands, and there were always smiles around.